My Mission: To Moral The Fuck Up

I’m a pretty fucked up person, I’ve got bipolar disorder and a pretty fucked up way of relating to other people IMO. Lots and lots of damage done by traumatic upbringing and traumatic brain disorder. So: I’m tired of my fuck-ups. I am not my problems. My problems are learned behavior.

Now unfortunately, I can’t change who I am by mere convincing myself that something’s wrong. I’m too good at rationalizing my own bullshit.  I like philosophy, I dig that shit. So to stop being a fuck-up, I’m writing a book (and applying it) on how not to be a fuck-up. I’m using a mix of agile methods, cognitive behavioral tools, and moral narrative to create a moral ontology. Essentially I am going to entirely re-work my being, so I am a well adjusted person as my natural self expression.

I’m writing this first for myself, and to be accountable to myself, and secondly in the hope that it might be useful to other people. If there’s one thing I’ve got going for me it’s a keen philosophic mind. And fuck it, I allways wanted to do what I love: Philosophy. So lets get this shit rolling.


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